Dentist family tree?

Meet Our Award-Winning Dental Team · Dr. Mike Micallef serves Glendale, Greater Milwaukee and new dental patients from across Southeast Wisconsin. From their first visit, we want our new dental patients to feel completely comfortable. She is quite new to the dental field and plans to continue her education to become a dentist in the near future.

As a courtesy, Family Tree Dentistry will verify your dental insurance with your provider, please provide us with your dental insurance information. Ever since I was a child, going to the dentist has always been a positive experience, which inspired me to become a dental hygienist. Outside of Family Tree Dentistry, Jen spends the rest of her hygiene week working for a well-known pediatric dental office in SCV. Being a hygiene assistant assured her that becoming a dental hygienist is her ultimate goal in dentistry.

Working alongside dental hygienists here at Family Tree Dentistry encouraged her to be like them, to be excellent at educating patients about the importance of oral hygiene, and creating a positive dental office experience.

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