Uncovering the Family Tree of Dentistry

Are you looking for an award-winning dental team to take care of your oral health? Look no further than Family Tree Dentistry, where Dr. Mike Micallef and his team serve Glendale, Greater Milwaukee, and new patients from across Southeast Wisconsin. From the moment they walk in, our new patients are welcomed with open arms and a feeling of comfort. At Family Tree Dentistry, we understand that dental insurance can be confusing.

As a courtesy to our patients, we are happy to verify your insurance information with your provider. For Jen, a dental hygienist at Family Tree Dentistry, her journey to becoming a dental professional began when she was a child. She remembers her visits to the dentist being positive experiences, which inspired her to pursue a career in dentistry. After working as a hygiene assistant for some time, she was certain that becoming a dental hygienist was her ultimate goal.

Jen found the perfect place to hone her skills at Family Tree Dentistry. Working alongside experienced hygienists gave her the opportunity to learn how to educate patients on the importance of oral hygiene and create a positive dental office experience. If you're looking for an experienced and award-winning dental team, look no further than Family Tree Dentistry. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best care possible and making sure you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in.

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