What is family dental?

Family dentistry is concerned with addressing oral health at all stages of life, but particularly in children and adolescents. Family dentists are very similar to general dentists, but they tend to have more experience working with children. Some family dentists may even be qualified pediatricians. Family dental groups or offices often offer specialties or services for the whole family in one place.

With family dentists, you can schedule appointments for several family members at the same time. Of course, this depends on the schedule and availability of the dental office. You can still ask offices when looking for a family dentist. Having this type of scheduling capability means less waiting time for consecutive appointments or appointments over several days.

The main difference between the two is that a family dentist specializes in dental procedures for all ages. Instead of visiting multiple dentists, you can take care of your family's dental needs in one convenient location. For a large or growing family, visiting a dental office is more convenient than seeing two or even three different dentists. And with the wide range of offerings, any dental problem can be addressed.

A young child may receive dental sealants. Another may have a full cavity. Your teen sibling can receive Invisalign. And mom and dad can whiten their teeth or look for dentures.

Eastside Dental is a local Milwaukee family dental office. We treat patients of all ages and do so in a warm and welcoming environment. Our office is located in Milwaukee, and we welcome patients to schedule an appointment and experience how we can keep all family members in optimal oral health. The Eastside Dental team believes in the importance of preventive care.

We focus on keeping patients in good oral health so that they can live full, healthy and enjoyable lives without oral pain. This starts by educating our patients on what they can do to stay healthy at home. In our family dentist's office, we recommend that patients eat a healthy diet that consists of leafy greens, lean protein, nuts, dairy products, and crispy fruits and vegetables. Eating these foods together with clean water can help keep your teeth healthy and strengthen them.

By simultaneously reducing sugar intake, patients can also reduce the risk of tooth decay. Our practice offers a full range of preventive, restorative and emergency dental services for patients of all ages. From preventive care such as dental cleanings, fluoride treatments and dental sealants, to restorative treatments such as fillings, crowns and dental joints, we cover your dental needs. We even offer sedation options, such as laughing gas and conscious oral sedation, to keep you or your child relaxed and comfortable during treatment.

So if you or your child needs routine cleaning or relief from a painful toothache, We Care Dental Care is here to help. Family dentists provide dental care for a person from infancy to adulthood, if the patient so decides. Benjamin Burkitt, who has experience treating patients of all ages, allows them to grow comfortably with a dental office full of familiar faces, increasing the likelihood that they will maintain good oral health habits throughout their teens and into adulthood. Burkitt works hard to create a dialogue between families that encourages the creation of good oral hygiene habits that lead to a life of smiles and dental well-being.

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