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When looking for a dentist for the entire family, you would need to see someone specializing in family dentistry. caters to patients of all ages with varying oral health concerns. Dr. Song of Song Cosmetic Dentistry specializes in family dentistry and has been serving clients in Beverly Hills and nearby areas for quite some time now. A family dentist handles oral hygiene and teeth safety ensuring that your oral health concerns and goals are addressed. Some of the dental services offered by a family dentist include regular dental cleaning, sealants, filling, fluoride therapy, gum disease therapy, and orthodontics. Family dentists are aware of children's reluctance to visit the dentist as well as how children's teeth change with age. They use a moderate approach to making sure that kids have favorable associations with routine dental checkups and establish good oral hygiene habits that last a lifetime.

Family dentist – One dentist for the entire family

With a family dentist, the patient does not need to travel to various dental offices to have routine dental check-ups for every member of the family. The family dentist is trained to provide care to patients of all ages for various dental diseases. Therefore, if the patient needs to wear braces, veneers, or implants, these cosmetic demands can be met in addition to dental hygiene. Going to one dental office for all of the family's needs also saves the family time on travel and streamlines the care-management process. Another advantage of seeing a family dentist is convenient scheduling. Family dentists frequently work with patients to schedule appointments that accommodate their schedules. For example, many family dentists are willing to accept late appointments to accommodate the patient's demands.

Preventative Dental Measures

Regular visits to the dentist's office enable prompt diagnosis of dental issues. The family dentist conducts examinations, dental x-rays, and computer modeling that produce projections for oral problems. Early detection of a number of issues, including malocclusion, rubbing, and attrition caused by anomalies of the jaw can be detected and addressed in a timely manner with regular trips to a family dental office. Preventative dentistry is something that a family dentist is very good at, not to mention, the expertise in handling children and teens, which often have a fear of a dental appointment.

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