What is Family Dentistry and Who is a Family Dentist?

Family dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on providing oral health care to people of all ages, but particularly in children and adolescents. Family dentists are highly trained professionals who are similar to general dentists, but they have more experience working with children. They offer the same services as general dentists, such as preventive care, dental education, and routine dental care. At Now Dentistry, Dr.

Elnadi is an experienced family dentist who can treat patients of all age groups. He is focused on prevention and dental education, which includes teaching proper brushing techniques, providing education on the link between bleeding gums and health, and providing routine dental care to prevent problems. Family dentists are also aware of the financial constraints that families may have when it comes to medical services. That's why they offer in-house treatments that are tailored to fit the budget of the family.

The American Dental Association (ADA) states that most dentists in North America (about 158,000) practice general dentistry. General dentists can treat most oral care problems for the whole family and are considered your primary care dentist. Many general dentists have specialties, such as orthodontics, root canal therapy, or even cosmetic dentistry.

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