Why do you want to be a family physician?

You crave variety in your work · 2.You're great at solving problems · 3.You're a natural communicator · 4.Do you want a membership that works for you. The interview is your chance to stand out among other candidates and demonstrate why you are the best fit for the practice. You can do this much more effectively if you are prepared to answer any questions the interviewer may ask. We've chosen 10 common interview questions for family medicine jobs and provided tips on how to address them.

The students identified a number of attributes of family medicine practice that appealed to them. The professional flexibility and lifestyle offered by family medicine were important. The scope of family medicine practice, both in urban and rural settings, was reported to be an important consideration. Students most often reported the attractiveness of a wide range of practices in association with rural practice, but this could be related to the fact that the family medicine internship at UBC is almost entirely based on rural settings.

The students were aware of the differences between the incomes of family doctors and other specialists and reported that lower incomes and lower prestige of family doctors posed a threat to maintaining their professional interest in family medicine. If you have a medical need, sudden flu symptoms, persistent back pain, unexpected rash, or even think you might have COVID-19, who is your first point of contact? For example, according to an insurance study, a 23% increase in primary care spending in Rhode Island led to an 18% reduction in total health care spending. And the data suggests that adding one primary care doctor (such as a family doctor) for every 10,000 people can reduce hospital admissions by 5.5%, emergency room visits by 11%, and surgeries by 11%. The length of family medicine and other specialty residencies was mainly observed by women in relation to their potential ability to have a family, and by all participants in relation to life-residency balance.

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