Family First Dental: 30 Convenient Locations for Comprehensive Care

Family 1st Dental is a dental community that provides comprehensive care for the entire family. With 30 convenient locations, our goal is to offer the best in dental care, using the most current technologies and materials. We understand that good oral health is essential for overall health and for a life of healthy smiles. At Family First Dental, we accept PPO dental insurance, all children's dental plans, and Medicare dental coverage for adults (age group under 55).

We make it easy to take care of your dental health needs with online appointment booking and several convenient locations in and around Chicago, IL. My appointment today was exceptional, from the receptionist greeting me by name on my arrival, to Debbie's cleaning process and dental exam. I was hoping to learn to live the rest of my years hiding my smile and living with my digestive problems, until I found 1st Family Dental. I highly recommend 1st Family Dental in the Burr Ridge Village Center to anyone looking for an exceptional dental experience.

Norma Dickhaus
Norma Dickhaus

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